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Visiting Three Choirs Vineyards

Three Choirs is on the B4215, two miles from Newent, Gloucestershire. We are within an hour's drive of Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and most places in between, just 15 minutes from Junction 11a on the M5 and less than 10 minutes from Junction 3 of the M50.

If you are using Satnav/GPS our postcode is GL18 1LS

The Wines...

Wine Making Philosophy

“Wine making starts in the vineyard”

We select varieties that we know will grow well and give grapes of the highest possible quality.

Please see below for details...

Great importance is put on keeping vines healthy rather than having to treat disease with expensive chemicals. This, is our opinion, is a far more cost effective management system and gives the best possible quality of fruit at the end of the season.

Our vineyard management centres on giving the vines the nutrients that they need, the optimum leaf to fruit ratio and favourable conditions in the micro climate.

Careful positioning of windbreaks to give protection from wind has to be balanced with well-kept ground and vine canopy in order to allow airflow. This minimises the risk of fungal diseases.

Good grapes can make good wine. We therefore make every effort to ensure grapes arrive at the winery as quickly as possible after picking, in the best possible condition. Hand picking by trained pickers helps to minimise the amount of stalks and rot that accompanies the grapes, and this means that cleaner, purer juice is achievable from the press.

In the winery, our policy of problem prevention is very much to the forefront.

We ensure that yeasts are adequately supplied with nutrients and that they are given the conditions that they need in order to work efficiently without producing off flavours.

Temperatures are kept as low as possible in order to preserve fruit. Cold stores are used to naturally clear and settle wines, and filtration is therefore kept to a minimum. This allows as much of the natural grape character through to the bottle as possible.

Bacchus 2011

One of England’s best known grape varieties, producing a dry and aromatic wine with a complex character and delicious aromas of fresh asparagus, elderflower, nettles and herbs.

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Classic Cuvee n/v

Three Choirs Classic Cuvee is a traditionally-made sparkling wine of very high quality. Dry and subtle it is very similar to a good champagne but at a fraction of the price!

GRAPE VARIETY: Seyval Blanc 80% Pinot Noir 20%

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Coleridge Hill 2011

A dry crisp wine with an aromatic nose of elderflower and nettles.

GRAPES; Phoenix, Madelaine Angevine, Huxelrebe

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English House Dry 2012

Grapes ~ Seyval Blanc 50%, Reichenstiener 30%, Madelaine Angevine 20%

A delicate aroma of fragrant fruit characters which delivers a crisp lemony wine with a fresh dry finish.

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English House Medium Dry 2011

This is the old Premium Selection Medium Dry but with a new name to reflect proposed changes in wine legislation!

Widely appealing white wine with ripe fruit flavours. Melon, mango and a hint of spice, with a crisp dry finish. A blend of Seyval Blanc, Reichensteiner and Muller Thurgau. A good all rounder.

GRAPE VARIETY: A blend of Seyval Blanc 40%; Muller Thurgau 20%; Reichensteiner 20%; Orion 10%; Madeleine Angevine 5%; Huxelrebe 5%.

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May Hill 2012


Aromatic herb and floral nose with harmonious palate. Medium and well balanced, with rich honeyed fruit.

Grapes: Huxelrebe, Madeleine Angevine, Reichensteiner

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Rosè 2012

A delicious off-dry Rose full of the aroma of strawberries and summer fruits.

GRAPE VARIETY: Seyval Blanc, Triomphe, Regent

STYLE: A light delicate Rose, just off dry with a strong bouquet of strawberries and summer fruit. This wine is best drunk whilst sitting in the sun and enjoying a beautiful summer's day or evening.

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Siegerrebe 2010

As one would expect from its parentage (a cross between Madeleine Angevine and Gewürztraminer) Siegerrebe can be very fruity and spicy, a delicious rich and classic quality dry wine and a lovely fresh finish that English wines should have.

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Willow Brook 2011


A soft and delicate rose petal aroma, with lightly spiced fruit flavours has made this a very popular wine.

GRAPES; Schonburger, Siegerrebe.

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Late Harvest 2011 1/2 bottle


Made from grapes that have been left on the vine longer to ripen further, resulting in a rich rounded wine full of fruit character wonderful with cheese and Pates or just on it's own.

Grapes Siegerrebe

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Ravens Hill 2011

A medium bodied red wine with a lovely ruby red colour aromas of Cherries and blackcurrant and just a hint of oak.

Grapes Rondo & Regent

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Newent, Gloucestershire GL18 1LS. Tel: 01531 890223
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