The Three Choirs Story

Three Choirs has developed a unique process of growing modern grape varieties side by side with world-renowned grapes, such as Pinot Noir and Muller Thurgau. 

Our Story

Our story starts in 1973 when local wine retailer Alan McKechnie started harvesting the vines on his small fruit farm. With a little help from the 1976 record summer temperatures and bumper harvest, his small fruit farm begun to expand. After nurturing it for 11 years, Alan sold up in 1984 due to poor health and the new owner, John Oldacre, invested heavily in the venture. As a result, the 1/5th hectare vineyard gradually grew to its current size of 30 hectares.

John choose the name Three Choirs Vineyards after a local Three Choirs Choral festival which was held between the cathedral cities of Hereford, Worcester and Gloucester.

In 1990, we opened a new state of the art winery, along with a visitor centre for the increasing number of visitors. As the popularity of the restaurant increased, 8 bedrooms were added in 2000 so guests could enjoy the beauty of the vineyards, with a further 3 lodges boasting incredible views of the vines in 2008.

John Oldacre died in 2001 and the company largely remains in the hands of his family.

2014 Hampshire Vineyard

In 2014 Three Choirs became proud owners of their Wickham Vineyard, and started an extensive program of refurbishing the buildings and replanting areas of the vineyards. Situated in the beautiful Hampshire countryside, Three Choirs Hampshire spans an impressive 40 acres and has become a popular wedding location, with happy couples choosing to tie the knot nestled amongst the vines and gentle rolling hills of Wickham.

Our Wine

All this success, of course, would be nothing without the wine itself, and Three Choirs has developed a unique process of growing modern grape varieties side by side with world-renowned grapes, such as Pinot Noir and Bacchus. This, along with cultivation methods adopted from the world’s most modern winemakers, gives a strong international flavour to the vineyards.

2017 Rebrand

In 2017, after a yearlong project of rebranding, Three Choirs are proud to announce new labels for their award-winning wines, produced in collaboration with Amphora Design, a specialist design consultancy working specifically with the wine trade. Local illustrator Jane Randfield was commissioned to produce the illustration for the labels and spent many days sketching and photographing the vineyard and it’s beautiful surrounding countryside.

"I wanted to show the undulating landscape, the backdrop of the Welsh Black Mountains and the Malvern Hills as well as the flora and fauna that thrives with the vines.” Jane explains.

With a constant focus on innovation and multiple award wins (including the first gold medal at Vinexpo in Bordeaux to be awarded to an English vineyard and a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence), Managing Director at Three Choirs, Thomas Shaw, says; "It is great to be packaging our wine with a label that truly reflects the provenance of our produce. English Wine deserves its own identity and Three Choirs is proud to be the first major English Vineyard to fully embrace our English Heritage on the bottle."