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24 Sep 2020 / Event


Virtual Wine Tasting – Saturday 19th September 2020

Hosted by Martin Fowke – our Head Winemaker here at Three Choirs Vineyards.

Martin has been our head winemaker and production director for over 30 years. He oversees the entire production process from choosing which grape varieties we grow, to making the final important decisions on our wines before they go into the bottle. All things this special tasting session will cover!

About this tasting session ‘Deciding The Fate Of The Grape!’

We often talk about the end product of wine and how it tastes, and can forget the complex processes and scientific decisions that must be made to produce superb tasting wine.

Not many people get the opportunity to see multiple winemaking processes at once and understand the huge influence certain decisions can have during key stages of winemaking. This is where this tasting comes in!

We will discuss the way that grapes ripen and how we test to see if they are ready to pick, and discuss how the composition of the grape affects how we treat it in the winery.

The theme is very much about the early decisions that we take at this time of the year. We will explain how we choose which style of wine a particular batch of grapes is best suited to, how we start the winemaking process off and the pressing options.

Best of all, we will show the harvesting and pressing done right here at Three Choirs Vineyards, and start a fermentation off live during the session!

While all this is going on, you’ll be tasting our range of blended wines which we will use to link to the winemaking decisions we make. So plenty to discuss and all very interesting!

Which wines are being tasted?

We made a special 12 case with an exclusive 20% discount. Included were a range of blended wines which we talked through in the session but can be purchased individually on our website:

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We hope to see you soon!

The Three Choirs team.



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